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TopMBA Weekly Pulse December 18

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“The end of the term is here,” can be a joyous statement…or one that reminds us that there is never enough time in a day.  Soon everyone at business school will be getting a well deserved break and with the admissions rounds wrapping up in the new year, applicants will too.

Tension is still thick in the air as MIT Sloan and Wharton deliver their round one decisions.  For those that haven’t yet heard, like Top Dog MBA, that means a chance to update their blog during those restless nights. Need a pep talk to help level your stress out? Naija Girl MBA takes a moment to reflect on how, accepted or not, every single person has gifts and talents.

For some bloggers, the results of these decisions are like Christmas come early! FianaceFurry, who was accepted at Wharton is one. My Journey to Business School also got good news from Tepper. Congratulations and good luck with the rest of your decisions (we hear the final choice is sometimes the hardest)! Defying Gravity also offers a heartfelt congratulation to all of the HBS admits.

Wondering what the next step is after you get accepted? Wonder no longer! GMU lays it all out, so fresh and so clean. Steven Ma, on the other hand, doesn’t just encourage taking risks; he demands them!

In the business school analysis department, EF Essays has a profile on Michigan Ross School of Business. John Thunder MBA has another buy-side report, this one is on Wharton.

Another new-to-the-Pulse blog, Travel and Healing, gets a double dose with some good advice on how to avoid getting down when you study abroad, and a reminder that, even though you are in a different country, your compatriots are everywhere!

Finally, one of our QS TopMBA.com debate series participants, Dr. Henry Mintzberg stirs the pot that Peter Thiel set to boiling – food for thought as you look at MBA programs. 

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