Thursday, January 15, 2015 at 10am

TopMBA Weekly Pulse January 15

MBA blogs

So many things are going on in the MBA blogosphere; whether it’s being waitlisted, rejected, or accepted, everybody has something to say. Take Grant, for example, he was recently featured in Fortune – although presumably not for the reason he would’ve liked: he has failed to get into any schools for the second year running. Well, there’s always next year, Grant!

Black Girl MBA on Campus finally tells us about her journey to INSEAD; it’s alright, we have all been busy.

Pro GMAT is looking at 2015 like a race horse trying to get out of the pen – looks like it will be a great year.

EF Essays takes a look at price discrimination, inspired by a tour of Ross and a class he sat in to take a deeper look into the subject.

My Journey to Business School breaks down the Kellogg video interview and lets us all in on the questions.

Those who are geared up to get decisions from business schools, or who are getting ready to begin at their school might perhaps be too far down the line to consider Steven Ma’s question: is an MBA really worth it? Perhaps you’re not (disclaimer: we think, yes, it is).

Duke Fuqua student blogger James Megivern has utilized his network to loosely plan a food tour of Indonesia. 

Warren Buffet is a pretty successful guy, right? GMU students got the chance to pick The Oracle’s brain in November, and yes, we are jealous… 

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