Friday, June 19, 2015 at 11am

TopMBA Weekly Pulse June 19

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Kicking things off this week is a three-part series from TopDogMBA who offers the bad, the good and the ugly of receiving admissions acceptance (or rejection) (or waitlist) letters from business schools. New to the Pulse, TV to MBA offers 15 minutes of advice. And also new to the Pulse, That Career Girl wonders when she will feel like an adult. She also offers some tips on accessories for your career wardrobe.

Asanas and an MBA takes the difficult decision to continue yoga in the *gasp* corporate gym. Naija MBA Gal is already starting to miss Nigeria – especially the food; luckily she has until September to get as much in as she can. And for those getting ready for MBA programs, Grant Me Admission has a review of Smartly – which is designed to help you get ready, get confident, and take some pre-MBA classes.

Girl Meets B-School shares some nuggets of wisdom now that she is officially done with her MBA, confirmed by a handshake from the dean. MIT Sloan admissions advisor Harriet offers her own reflections on MBA life as she watches the class of 2015 graduate. While Archana clears the clutter of her room, now that she has time after finishing her MBA.

Kellogg offers some financial tips for MBA graduates, while the GMU bloggers share some wisdom about getting your social media profiles up to job-hunt status (aka: hide your drinking photos, recruiters are coming!).

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