Thursday, September 10, 2015 at 6pm

TopMBA Weekly Pulse: September 10 2015

The TopMBA Weekly Pulse is back

Hello again and welcome back to the TopMBA.com Weekly Pulse. We have been scouring the blogosphere for the best MBA blogs and are finally ready to unveil them to you!

First and foremost, did you know that Kellogg has a class on spelling out the word ‘Kellogg’ with human bodies that takes place all around the world? Ok, not really, but the KWEST experience ensures that if you did not know which school you were going to before, you certainly do now. 

UCLA Anderson student, Nitesh Mehta, is finding out just how much of a whirlwind an MBA is. Aside from the whirlwind and worldwide travel involved in an MBA, how do you make it in a leading program? MIT Sloan student blogger, Brian Kirk argues that humility is at the core of success.  

Need some inspiration? TV to MBA has some excellent quotes form the NYMag’s ‘She’s the Boss’ series. If you are looking for some excellent GMAT tips, look no further: Final Hour MBA shares how to go about getting a longer test or break time, while HBS Accept reveals their top 5 resources for GMAT success (and they are all FREE!).  EF Essays has some more GMAT advice (because enough is never too much) on both the integrated reasoning and verbal analysis sections of the exam.

Finally, Asanas and an MBA reports back on how her four-month spending freeze on new clothes went.

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