Thursday, September 24, 2015 at 5am

TopMBA Weekly Pulse September 24

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MBA programs are, for the most part, in full swing and that means lots of good blogs from the frontlines.

If you are, however, still studying fastidiously for the GMAT, EF Essays has yet another instalment of his guide to the GMAT with tips on tackling the critical reasoning section. Or if you’re applying in round one, for which the deadline is approaching, you might need some advice on reaching out to current students. Well, you need look no further than Journey to Business School’s blog on the subject. Another ‘Journey’, this time Journey to INSEAD, just received the perfect birthday present: a scholarship!

My Journey Through the MBA is off and running in her Oxford MBA program. Asanas and an MBA is also back in the grind, wishing for the days of a 9-5.

Kellogg’s MMM program has forged a partnership with EPIC and Urban Gateways in an effort to bring design skills to nonprofits. Kellogg students who took part in a Cuba-centric ‘risk lab’ this summer have revealed their findings. Finally, MIT Sloan student blogger Joyce Pan offers some encouragement to those daunted by the insane schedule an MBA carries with it

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