Thursday, September 04, 2014 at 3pm

TopMBA Weekly Pulse: September 4, 2014

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Summer is not completely over, but school is back in session! Two Years at HBS discusses the merits of having a summer holiday as over an internship as he returns to Boston. The UCLA Anderson bloggers are also getting back to the city. UCD Smurfit’s foundation week was what greeted the class of 2016 and welcomes the class of 2015, while Wharton does much the same with the Wharton Founder’s Retreat.

MBA applicants, candidates and hopefuls are also buckling down, whether needing some support from fellow bloggers, family and friends like Texas Wannabe Cali and Top Dog MBA , or are cruising in your preparation like Under Prescription. For those starting their applications, like Techie to MBA, it is strategy and planning time.

Hopefully London Business School doesn’t keep its EMBA students too busy, because we would love to follow Lorent’s progress.

And for a meta-moment, here are GrantMeAdmission’s links to bloggers that he reads that we also read and who read his blog and who have been featured on the Weekly Pulse. Links on links on links for days!

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