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    33 Yrs.
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A business School with a purpose

At Cardiff Business School our mission is clear – to make a positive impact on the world. 

We understand that business needs to change so that organisations can respond to global challenges like inequality, social exclusion and climate change, while still creating the vital innovations and economic returns that make progress and commercial viability possible. 

Everything we do at Cardiff Business School is underpinned by the idea that we must contribute to society. It’s our duty to help sustain our local and global economies, for current and future generations.

We call this Public Value. It’s our purpose. It’s written in our DNA.

You’ll receive a career-changing MBA education from world-leading academics that have different points of view. They’ll challenge your thinking as you consider the world of business from a range of alternative perspectives. 

We’ve developed relationships that range from the largest multinationals to the smallest local micro-businesses, and include a wide variety of social enterprises and cooperatives. 

We use these networks to deliver value for our students and focus on your future through employment-rich learning experiences, such as work-based assignments, live projects, professional skills training, field trips and workshops, as well as placements opportunities. 

Your MBA has a key emphasis on creativity and innovation, so you can develop the entrepreneurial skills to anticipate, plan and lead change – whether you want to be an innovator within a business or establish your own social enterprise.

No business school of quality can survive without its research, and Cardiff is no different. 

As a Russell Group University with AACSB-accreditation, we pursue excellence across our research, teaching and engagement by directing our research efforts to help solve pressing global challenges– around inequality and fairness in the workplace; on ensuring organisations and the workforce are ‘fit for the future’; and building a sustainable economy with fair, resilient and low-carbon supply chains.

You’ll benefit from research-informed teaching and a range of Cardiff Connections, including our elite network of business, industry, public, private and third sector leaders.

Because the business of changing the world is ours. And together, we can make a difference.

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