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Flanders Business School (FBS) concentrates its activities in three key areas:• Executive Master of Business Administration with focus on Entrepreneurship Flanders Business School is the only school in Belgium offering the "Executive MBA with Focus on Entrepreneurship." FBS launched this master after master program in 2000, and since then has been building up expertise in this specialist area via its research center ILC² and via intensive innovation programs in businesses. • In-Company Executive Education Entrepreneurship is the life force of businesses that want to safeguard their market position. Often a latent presence, it's necessary to guide an organization so that the entrepreneurial potential within it gets the chances and tools to fully unfold. So arises within existing businesses, not only a broad platform for initiatives that carry real opportunities within them, but also a platform from which new streams of income can be developed. Usually this results in new ventures: projects that flourish under the wings of the existing company. Flanders Business School mentors businesses to attain this goal. • The Intrapreneurial Learning Competence Center (ILC²) Flanders Business School programs are able to draw on cutting-edge research from the Intrapreneurial Learning Competence Center (ILC²) that is centered on Entrepreneurship, Corporate Entrepreneurship, Organizational Learning and Innovation. Access to this unique research sets FBS apart from the rest.


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