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  • GMATRange of average GMAT scores across all MBA programs at the institution
    550-650 - Low
    651-700 - Medium
    701-800 - High
  • DemographyAverage age of students across all MBA programs at the institution.
    31 Yrs.
  • ScholarshipIndication as to whether the institution provides scholarships for MBA programs.


The IMD MBA is for dynamic, international professionals who want to make a difference and are ready for a career leap. Based in Switzerland – a hub of the financial, industrial and luxury industries – this consistently top-ranked program offers real-life, solid education recognized for its direct applicability and impact.

You will not find a more diverse group of MBAs in one classroom anywhere in the world. The IMD MBA has diversity in terms of nationality, work experience, gender and educational background. This makes a difference because with IMD’s experiential learning approach, participants are divided into at least five different study groups or project teams during the year. They must learn to work with people of different cultural backgrounds and personalities, under enormous time pressure, to achieve results.

We aim to fully develop each participant’s leadership skills based on technical competence, self-awareness and moral judgment. The integration of classes, live business cases, personal coaching and company projects across the globe allows participants to apply what they learn and develop the skills to run any global business responsibly.

Our graduates become members of a powerful network that connects executives across the globe.


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