Why Early Preparation is a Major Advantage in the Business World

Why Early Preparation is a Major Advantage in the Business World main image

‘The early bird catches the worm’, a saying that couldn’t be more apt than during your business school education. Whether it’s starting your business school application process early or building a strong network during your MBA program – being efficient will hold you in good stead.

 We caught up with faculty and students at Pepperdine Graziadio Business School to find out more.

Amanda Karr

Amanda Karr, Executive Director of Enrolment Management at Pepperdine Graziadio Business School thinks the number one myth about business school is that it's difficult. 

She says, "If you’re organized and plan things out it’s probably one of the easier things you’ll do in life."

As there are a number of steps you need to take when applying to business school, Amanda recommends being strategic about how you go about it.

She adds, "The number one myth is that it’s a difficult process – it isn’t. There are five things you need when applying: transcript, resumé, essay, recommendation letter and an application."

If you’re trying to debunk this myth, Amanda suggests starting early to give yourself more than enough time.

Hugo Velazco

It’s important to start looking for the job you will undertake post-MBA in a timely manner according to Hugo Velazco, MS Human Resources Class of 2019.

He says, "It takes a while to build relationships and to get leverage for a job through a previous networking relationship you built. These networks and relationships have to be built over time."

Written by Niamh Ollerton

Niamh is Assistant Editor of TopMBA.com, creating and editing content for an international MBA student audience. Having gained her journalism qualification at the Press Association, London and since written for different international publications, she's now enjoying telling the stories of the business world.  

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