Why Smaller Size MBA Programs Help Diversity Classrooms

Why Smaller Size MBA Programs Help Diversity Classrooms main image

The size of a program is something that every aspiring MBA student should take into consideration when applying to business school.

We’ve asked Brett Powell, Associated Director of full-time MBA admissions at SMU Cox School of Business, why their MBA program is ideal for applicants looking to join a diverse classroom.

Powell says, “Being a smaller to mid-size MBA program, we have the luxury of lending attention to diversity and a lot of senses of that word.”

As part of the admissions team, Powell strives to create MBA classes that bring in different mindsets in terms of professional experiences, academic backgrounds, nationalities and ethnicities.

She says faculty and staff want to ensure they are creating an environment where all different perspectives are being heard inside and outside of class.

So how can applicants ensure their experiences shine through their application?

Powell says that candidates need to be able to craft their own personal stories: “The best way for your candidacy to come to life is to effectively tell your story and why you’re interested in an MBA program, why you’re interested in our MBA program and what your future goals are.”

Written by Linda Mohamed

Linda is Content Writer at TopMBA, creating content about students, courses, universities and businesses. She recently graduated in Journalism & Creative Writing with Politics and International Relations, and now enjoys writing for a student audience. 

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