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UK Lecturers on Strike: What it Means for Business Schools main image

74 British universities are currently on strike, some of which are ranked among the best b-schools in the country. If you're wondering how this might affect you, we've got all the answers for you. 

What the Tories Mean for Business main image

What does a Conservative government mean for your business? Read on to find out more.

How The Tory General Election Win Affects EU Nationals Like Me main image

After a "landslide" Tory victory in the 2019 UK General Election, EU nationals are left wondering what their future post-Brexit will look like. A European living in Britain discusses voting, hostile environments and hopes for the next few months. 

TOPMBA UK by date
Everything you Need to Know About Registering For the General Election  main image

The registration deadline for the General Election is fast approaching. Here's all you need to know about the process.

Education Innovation: Queen’s University Belfast Aims to Offer the MBA of the Future main image
by Temoor I.

To learn more about how the MBA is changing in the modern era, we spoke to Dr Kate Kenny, MBA program director at Queen’s, about the school’s modern, leadership-driven program.

Looking Beyond London: Why Newcastle Could Be Your Ideal MBA Destination main image
by Temoor I.

Don't be suckered into thinking London is the only destination for talented business students - Newcastle proves the north has plenty to offer.

QS takes a look at what the UK apprenticeship levy might mean for business schools

The UK government is compelling large employers to invest in up-skilling their workforce – giving b-schools a new market for their executive education courses

UK at Risk of MBA Brain Drain as Brexit Looms

Reports that nearly 50% of highly-skilled EU workers considering leaving UK in the five years compound fears of talent loss at British b-schools.