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TOPMBA where to study by date
Discover why work-life balance should play a key role in deciding where to go to business school
12 Feb 2018

How much of a role should location play in picking your business school? And what challenges will you face moving abroad?

What can business schools do to attract students in the current political climate?
18 Jan 2018

Crises are putting pressure on business schools’ application numbers, so what can be done about it?

German Business Schools to Profit from USUK Instability
19 Jul 2017

With Trump and Brexit making some prospective students think twice about studying in the US or UK, German MBA programs are an attractive alternative.

TOPMBA where to study by date
GMAC data underlines concerns over Brexit and any subsequent tightening of visa regulations among international students
16 May 2017

45% say they are less likely to study at a UK business school in GMAC survey, but London Business School says application numbers remain unchanged.

Darmstadt is 20 minutes away from Frankfurt and is home to Hochschule Darmstadt
09 May 2017

A current student and recent graduate of Hochschule Darmstadt’s h_da MBA reflect on the benefits of their MBA in Germany.

Should US business schools wave goodbye to their prospects of attracting the world’s most talented international students?
08 May 2017

More than half of US schools report a drop in applications from international students for first time in a decade, in GMAC survey.

Discover what life in Beijing is like for two international MBA students
31 Mar 2017

Interested in taking your MBA in China? Find out what life in Beijing is like for two international MBA students at Guanghua School of Management.

Face-to-face meetings are essential to make the most of your MBA research and school shortlisting
14 Dec 2016

How rigorous are you being in your research and pursuit to find the best business school fit for your MBA study?