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Getting MBA Recruiters to Remember You

How to stand out with MBA recruiters among other talented students

It’s unlikely that you’ve fought your way into an MBA program just for the fun of it; you’re in it for the wonders that a solid business education can do for your career. But as top-tier companies have a rather large pool of students from which to choose their newest hires, the truth is that your work is not quite done.

Fear not. The same way you impressed the admissions officers of your business school can also win over MBA recruiters seeking quality individuals for their companies to employ.

Here are some helpful tips when it comes to approaching MBA recruiters and making them remember your name:

1) Do your homework

This one is twofold. First, dig up as much information as you can about which recruiters will be available in advance of an event or networking occasion. That way, you can avoid wasting time figuring out whom in the room you should be approaching.

Moreover, MBA recruiters are much more likely to be interested in students who’ve read up on their companies and are familiar with the industry in which they work. Some background knowledge will also help you to facilitate engaging conversation by expressing your points of view on the companies’ latest initiatives and asking specific, insightful questions, rather than generic enquiries that recruiters are forced to answer far too often.

2) Practice your elevator pitch

You find yourself in an elevator with a well-connected individual who just might be your ticket to a dream career. You have just a few moments until the doors will open. What do you say? The answer is called your elevator pitch, and it is meant to clearly express who you are by revealing interesting and relevant facts about you in a natural and casual manner.

If you don’t have an elevator pitch, it’s time to start practicing in front of your mirror. Ask yourself what experience you possess that would most impress a potential employer and which of your qualities are most likely to contribute to his or her goals. It is important to know how to tailor your elevator pitch to the individual with whom you are speaking and to highlight the particular attributes you believe will pique his or her interest.

3) Be a team player

The same way you needed to record a strong GMAT score and GPA to earn admission to your program, you’re going to need to stretch yourself beyond the classroom if you want MBA recruiters to take notice.

If you aren’t already involved in a club or committee, we suggest you join one that caters to a genuine interest of yours. Extracurricular activities are the perfect means through which to demonstrate both your interest in a particular industry and your ability to work in teams.

4) Follow up

Recruiters meet a LOT of potential hires so the best shot you have at turning your brief conversation into something more is by following up with a short thank-you note. A thank-you note does not have to be a lengthy epistle: write an email expressing your gratitude for their time and your sincere hope that you can continue to be in touch. You might not get an answer, but a thank-you note is a perfect opportunity to ‘meet’ the recruiter a second time and increase the likelihood that he or she will remember your name when it really matters.

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