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TOPMBA faculty by date
Why Business Schools Need More Diversity among Faculty main image
16 May 2018
If business schools are to continue to reflect the outside world, the faculty they hire must be more diverse.
MBA networking
25 Sep 2015
Building relationships with professors in you MBA program is an integral part of the education and can lead to career boosts, too. 
Tepper School appoints new MBA program head
02 Jul 2015
New female MBA program head at Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School, as we delve into AACSB research to track schools' progress on the faculty gender gap.
TOPMBA faculty by date
Alison Davis-Blake to step down as dean at Michigan Ross
19 May 2015
Michigan Ross’ first female dean, Alison Davis-Blake, tells students of her intention to step down at the end of her first term in 2016.
New dean named for McGill Desautels
05 May 2015
A female finance professor at George Washington University School of Business has been chosen to take up the role of dean at McGill Desautels.
Harvard Business School professor on gameshow
26 Mar 2015
HBS’s Gautam Mukunda has won two episodes of US gameshow, Jeopardy!, where the selection process may be as tough as that of a leading business school. 
New dean for Mays Business School
12 Mar 2015
Marketing professor and MBA alumnus of Texas A&M University’s Mays Business School, Eli Jones, will return to the school as dean.
MBA students and faculty engagement
28 Jan 2015
Michigan Ross aims to up the level of engagement between MBA students and faculty with informal initiatives designed to enhance the program experience.