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What Does Trump Mean for US Banking and Fintech? main image
30 Nov 2016
Trumps’ presidency potentially has a ton of positive ramifications for the fintech industry and MBA careers.
What job opportunities for MBA grads exist in the fintech world?
24 Aug 2016
Fintech is an industry on the move and, fortunately, offers plenty of opportunities in the way of MBA jobs.
Advice on the private equity interview
23 Jun 2016
Preparing for an interview for a post-MBA job in private equity? In this article, Patrick Curtis, a Wharton MBA alumnus, shares some interview tips to help you land your dream job in private equity.
TOPMBA finance by date
McKinsey report in business roundup, June 19 2015
19 Jun 2015
McKinsey reports on ‘misallocated’ higher education spending, FDI in Latin America and the Caribbean, and bailout news from the world’s oldest bank. 
Lehman Brothers CEO voices his opinion on the crash's origins
29 May 2015
Former Lehman Brothers CEO, Dick Fuld, speaks out on causes of the bank’s demise and a new study highlights the US’s recovery as one of ‘extreme variation’.
Private equity the focus at Duke Kunshan forum
26 May 2015
David Rubenstein and Guo Guangchang speak at Duke Kunshan’s private equity forum as Sino-American venture graduates its first management students. 
Weekly business news round-up
22 May 2015
A weekly round-up of global business news including European economy issues, the foreign exchange market scandal, Chinese economy growth, and an OECD report.
CEOs and media coverage
21 May 2015
Fortune 500 CEOs who generate greater media coverage increase firm value and improve their own personal compensation packages, says Cambridge Judge study.