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TopMBA Weekly Pulse October 1 2015

This week's TopMBA Weekly Pulse

Welcome back to the Pulse! The seasons are changing and classes, which have been going on for over a month in some cases, are in full swing. But, for the moment, let’s turn our attention to those seeking to join them in the near future…

Sentence correction (SC) can be a troublesome experience among GMAT takers for whom English is not a first language, but EF Essays comes through with his guide to SC. GNPTH might have suffered a minor setback with their latest GMAT score, but it has only strengthened the resolve to achieve 740+. With so many guides and pieces of advice about how you should take the GMAT, Final Hour MBA presents ‘How not to take the GMAT’.

On a lighter note, TV to MBA talks about the release of a Netflix study regarding when people actually get hooked on a TV show. And, did you know that Kellogg’s incoming class contains its highest ever percentage of female students? HBS Accept shares a few of the numbers. You can also read Kellogg’s report or look at some of the key trends among this year’s incoming MBA classes in the US as a whole.

Finally, MIT Sloan student blogger, Erica Zendell, looks forward to her second year at Sloan while reflecting on the advice she could now offer the first-year version of herself.

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