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TopMBA Weekly Pulse September 3

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Welcome back to the TopMBA.com Weekly Pulse! As most MBA programs in the US get underway, it is always fun to see pre-MBA bloggers become MBA bloggers for a semester before we never hear from most of them again. But seriously, congrats to all of you bloggers that are embarking on your MBA!

Are you, on the other hand, preparing for the application season coming? Jonathan Taves continues his relentless scourging of the GMAT and its many sections with a breakdown of the verbal section.  New to the Pulse, Final Hour MBA takes a quick moment to recap his most recent GMAT retake.

TV to MBA gets a little boost from the famous ‘One of You’ speech at Kellogg that goes to show non-traditional MBAs have a lot to offer. Asanas and an MBA has five well-timed pieces of advice to anyone starting or continuing their MBA.

Speaking of Kellogg’s class of ’17, here is a quick graphic that illustrates just who is in the class; and you can catch some snippets of Dean Sally Blount’s aforementioned address to the incoming class hereUCLA Anderson blogger Arindam details his journey from the steel industry in India to Los Angeles. Finally, MIT Sloan blogger Erica imagines what her (re)application would be like if she had to reapply in between first and second year.

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