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    Economics and Management in Arts, Culture, Media and Entertainment Overview

    The Master of Economics and Management in Arts, Culture, Media and Entertainment program relies on three main assets:

    1. Bocconi’s international reputation for research and teaching in economics, management and law
    2. Milan, with its economic vitality and vibrant creativity
    3. Italy, with its artistic and cultural tradition.

    These elements represent the ideal setting for preparing students to build an international career as managers or entrepreneurs and professionals in fields commonly referred to as the creative industries, including the visual arts, the performing arts, cinema, the media, publishing, entertainment, tourism, fashion, design and luxury.

    Core courses are complemented with workshops that help participants fully understand the dynamics of each subfield of the industrial and non-industrial arts and cultural sectors. Workshops embrace a practitioner’s perspective and a down-to-earth approach as core lectures and case discussions are enhanced with different off-campus visits, various meetings with managers and professionals, commissioned business projects and field research on emerging issues and challenges that creative business and public sector organizations in the arts and cultural fields are facing.

    Graduates will be able to integrate the use of economic and management techniques and tools with the understanding of the specific dynamics and complexities of the creative industries.  

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