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TOPMBA Faculty voices by date
“Cuba has undergone drastic economic changes in the last several years,” said Rebecca Bellinger, who led a recent University of Maryland trip to Cuba
23 Jun 2017

Recent faculty trip by the University of Maryland illustrates academic interest in the US for learning about realities of doing business in Cuba.

The case method can give MBA students, “a sense of what they will be confronted with in their future career,” says ICFAI Business School associate dean, Debapratim Purkayastha
30 May 2017

Business scenarios depicted in case method materials may read like film synopses, or come in comic book format, but have much to teach MBA students.

Pre-MBA book recommendations from Warwick Business School professors
26 May 2017

Strategy, luck, skill and disruptive thinking: Just some of the topics suggested business books from two Warwick Business School professors highlight.  

TOPMBA Faculty voices by date
Which business books come recommended as pre-MBA reading by faculty members at INSEAD?
19 May 2017

Three finance-themed business books selected by top professors at INSEAD as recommended pre-MBA reading in the first of a new series on

What are some reasons MBA students should pursue marketing?
19 Dec 2016

Pursuing marketing at the MBA level could open doors to c-suite positions, says Darden professor, Kimberly Whitler. 

Vlerick Business School’s dean, Marion Debruyne, on business education learning and change
07 Nov 2016

Business education is not doing its job when it relies on knowledge transfer alone, says Vlerick Business School’s dean, Marion Debruyne.

Management books shortlisted by the CMI in 2016
24 Oct 2016

Management books by faculty members at Harvard Business School and Wharton feature on a Chartered Management Institute shortlist of the year’s best.

The view on business and business education from female deans
03 Oct 2016

What’s it like to be a female dean attached to a top business school? Four deans from schools in the UK, France and Canada enlighten us.

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