QS Community Scholarships for MBA studies

Scholarship for Community
Value: $2,000
Recipient(s): 5
Level: MBA
Deadline: 31 May 2019
These scholarships are designed to identify applicants who demonstrate exceptional levels of socially-responsible leadership and an ability to motivate others.
Winner(s): 5
Scholarship value: $2,000 
Essay topic: “Explain a situation where you dedicated your time/talent and describe how it made a difference to a community” (max. 750 words)
Deadline: 31st May 2019
Criteria: Attend QS World MBA Tour/QS World Executive MBA Tour/QS Connect MBA and complete the QS Applicant Survey. 
Note: Finalists for this scholarship will be contacted by the QS Scholarship Committee within 2-3 weeks after the final application deadline. Winners will be announced on our website at a later date.
For any guidance or queries regarding the scholarship application process, please refer to our Scholarships Guideline or Step-by-Step Application Guidelines, which also contain the relevant contact details if your concern is not addressed by the answers therein. 


Written by Anna S.
MBA, Guru
I already did the survey. Is there a link for those who have already completed the survey?
After completion of the survey, the the page is not allowing me to log in, repeating the error saying password does not match with database
Hi, Is it a required criteria to be admitted in any college to apply for this. or if we are planning to apply for this fall. are we eligible to apply for this scholarship.
Hi Fathima, you should be eligible for this scholarship before gaining admittance - I believe the requirement is for candidates to gain admission in the next cycle of admissions. Do email scholarships@qs.com if you need further clarification//// Tim, on behalf of TopMBA.com