Top 10 Reasons to Specialize in a Career in Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurship has truly been the upward business trend of the 2010s.

A report by the Kauffman Indicators of Entrepreneurship found that over 80 percent of new American entrepreneurs created an activity by choice instead of necessity, showing that new technologies and social media have made entrepreneurship more accessible for aspiring businessowners of all age groups and backgrounds.

If you’ve come up with your own business venture but haven’t gotten around to launching it yet, here’s 10 benefits of becoming an entrepreneur that’ll encourage you to get started.

It’s never been easier

The start-up environment has changed for the better across the globe, and it’s now easier to start a business than ever before. Think about how quickly you can set up a website, or how much free publicity you can get on Instagram – the path to success is highly accessible and can be very cheap.  

It’s also become easier to gain investment capital with fundraising and crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, which have proven to be a great help for small businessowners. No need to dip into all your savings!

You’ll put your creativity into practice

No matter which field you’re in, starting your own business means you have full creative control over every part of the process – from the product itself to communication and advertising strategies. If you have a creative flair and feel stuck in a non-creative field, an independent entrepreneurial career might be the one for you.

You’ll develop key business skills

Business is an intricate machine: business plans, investments, advertising, financing, buying and selling are all important pieces of the puzzle.

Figuring out how to not only start your company, but make it thrive requires business acumen and a wide range of skills that are invaluable in the business world. Ensuring you’re competent in reinvention, negotiation, balance budgeting, risk taking, networking, hiring and training, SEO and digital marketing, trend spotting and so much more is the key to make your business fly.

You’ll be your own boss

The best part about having your own business is without a doubt being your own boss. You can embrace self-determination and you won’t need to share your achievements. Plus, the job will always be yours – after all, you’re the one who created it. The days of worrying about being laid off or downsized are over.

You can spend more time with family and friends

Another perk of having your own business is that you make your own schedule. You can work from home, hire an office space or do both – what matters is that your working hours will be a lot more flexible. Want to go on a birthday trip with your friends? Do you have something special planned for your family? Don’t worry, you’ll never have to miss out on anything important again.

It’ll boost your income

Being an entrepreneur will likely boost your income, even if your business is just a side hustle. You can take full advantage of tax bonuses, such as getting money back for expenses you make on travel, food and internet and phone bills. Moreover, you can get start-up funding from local and national governments and maximize your profits.

You can create jobs

Working alone has many perks but giving other people jobs is also an extremely beneficial part of the territory. Being the boss, you can personally choose the most talented individuals from the candidate pool and actively contribute to their success and career progression.

You’ll build a unique network

Having a business means you’ll need to network with PRs, investors, marketers and more, and so you’ll likely be recognized in your field once your business is in full swing. And who knows – you might even meet potential collaborators to bring on board.

You can make a difference

Being an entrepreneur also means you can make a difference in society. There are many issues in the world that require accessible and innovative solutions, and you might be the one to find them. Who doesn’t want to leave a lasting legacy behind?

You’ll never be bored

And finally - if you truly love what you do, it never feels like work, even more so if it’s your business.


Written by Linda Mohamed

Linda is Content Writer at TopMBA, creating content about students, courses, universities and businesses. She recently graduated in Journalism & Creative Writing with Politics and International Relations, and now enjoys writing for a student audience. 

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