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Why Remote Working Makes Now a Good Time to Study an MBA

By Linda M

Updated May 26, 2022 Updated May 26, 2022

Last year’s drastic shift to remote working revolutionized the business world. Professionals across levels and sectors found themselves having to embrace digital tools – from Zoom to Slack and Microsoft Teams – and find new ways to stay productive and connected with their peers from home.

While throughout 2020 many believed that remote working would be a temporary response to the COVID-19 pandemic, data shows the trend is here to stay beyond 2021. In fact, the percentage of remote workers around the world is expected to double this year and reach 70 percent of the workforce by 2025.

But remote work doesn’t only benefit companies – who are saving money on office space which in turn enables them to reinvest in digital solutions to increase productivity – it also allows business professionals to go back to school and upskill with top-tier business degrees.

Here’s why now might be a perfect time to choose to study for an MBA.

Learn for less

It’s no secret that getting an MBA is an expensive endeavor. Between tuition, admin charges and living on-campus costs, an MBA program at a top-tier business school can easily amount to US$200,000.

However, thanks to remote options, working and studying at the same time has never been easier.

Many b-schools across the globe now offer a plethora of flexible and cheaper MBA and EMBA programs – such as online, part-time, daytime and evening courses – tailored to professionals who want to upskill without giving up their daily jobs. Thanks to remote-friendly features such as pre-recorded teaching and online exams, remote workers can get a new degree while continuing to make money, instantly maximizing their return on investment (ROI).

And for those who still dream of relocating elsewhere and gaining an authentic MBA experience, with in-person classes and activities, working from home can still be a saving grace, as no matter which business school a prospective MBA student chooses to attend, they’ll still be able to retain (and perform at) their job.

More time to spend on books

Finding enough time to study isn’t always easy – especially for an intense and demanding degree like an MBA.

Nevertheless, remote working has made it easier for business professionals to go back to school. Without having to commute every day, and thanks to more flexible management styles, MBA students will now have more time than ever to dedicate to attending classes, studying, and taking exams.

Get hired anywhere

Since the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020, many of the biggest recruiters of MBA talent have permanently gone remote.

Microsoft, Uber, Zillow, Twitter, Salesforce, Facebook, Amazon, Spotify, Mastercard and Nationwide Insurance are only a handful of the firms that have extended their work-from-home policies and continue to recruit online, with the number increasing daily.

This is great news for professionals who dream of landing a job without having to relocate to business hubs like Silicon Valley or New York City. As the world continues to adopt more digital business practices, it’ll become easier to get noticed and hired from anywhere – especially as an MBA graduate.

Online networking for the win

Networking plays a crucial role in landing a job after graduating from business school. While in-person events might have been the most popular way of networking pre-pandemic, remote work has shown that it’s possible to make meaningful connections online.

Between writing articles for online publications, to getting to know people on LinkedIn and attending digital events, there are plenty of ways to make a good impression on recruiters and show a genuine interest for their organization. Here’s our guide on expanding a professional online presence.

This article was originally published in January 2021 . It was last updated in May 2022

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