MBA Careers Q&A: The Tuck School at Dartmouth

MBA careers interview with the Tuck School at Dartmouth

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What can MBA students expect from the careers center when enrolling in the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth? For one, career development director, Jonathan Masland, explains that the school utilizes career coaching to, “help students determine what type of jobs they’d like to interview for, and how best to go about the job search and application process for their targeted jobs.”

While the careers center at Tuck feels that, on the whole, companies still prefer to recruit using traditional, face-to-face interactions with students, Masland has noted some more creative ways in which companies have been eschewing the traditional company presentation made on campus, including beer tasting and fireside chats! Read the full Q&A interview below.

Jonathan Masland; career development director at the Tuck SchoolWhen do on-campus corporate recruitment events and interviews typically take place at Tuck?

Late September through November is the busiest time for on-campus events. Second-year, full-time interviews take place in October/November, and first-year internship interviews take place in January/February.

Are there particular skills that career services helps students to accentuate during job fairs and recruiting?

We do several career workshops – topics include résumés, cover letters, networking, mock interviews, informational phone calls, storytelling, and more.

How does the careers center help MBA students prepare for recruitment events? In what ways does the careers center help match students with companies that will be a good cultural fit for them?

We do career workshops, as mentioned in more detail above, and we also do career coaching to help students determine what type of jobs they’d like to interview for, and how best to go about the job-search and application process for their targeted jobs.

Are there any new companies recruiting on campus? Have you seen a change in industries?

Yes. A slight but not insignificant upswing in tech and healthcare companies has been seen recently.

Are there any changes to the way in which companies are recruiting (e.g. the webinar)?

There wasn’t a significant change to 2014/15 in the number of webinars hosted in 2015/16. A majority of companies still prefer an in-person, face-to-face interaction with the students. We are seeing a slight shift away from ‘traditional’ company presentations and towards more creative event types (BBQ and beer tasting, fireside chats, breakfast panels, etc.).

What kind of contact does the careers center at Tuck have with MBAs after they graduate?

We have a full career services program for alumni. It includes career coaching, professional development and networking events, and free or discounted access to several online career resources.  

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