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4 reasons why the online MBA is becoming increasingly popular

By Chloe L

Updated November 2, 2021 Updated November 2, 2021

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Online MBAs offer all the benefits of a traditional MBA programme, with added flexibility that allows you to study while you work.  

An online MBA can help you develop your critical leadership and problem-solving skills, make valuable business connections and learn to tackle multifaceted, real-world issues. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, online programmes have become more popular than ever. Business professionals everywhere are enjoying the freedom that comes with studying their online MBA wherever and whenever they want. 

Still unconvinced? Here are four of the main reasons people are choosing to study an online MBA.  

An online MBA can help progress your career 

One of the big draws of attending a top business school is advancing your career prospects.  

Sascha von Wolfersdorf already had a successful career before starting his online MBA at Clarkson University. But one night, while sitting on a balcony in Australia, his wife reminded him of something he already knew: that he needed more than a bachelor’s degree to progress to the next step in his career.  

Sascha enrolled in Clarkson’s online MBA programme, a high-quality, flexible online programme, which is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) and was recently ranked third in the world for classroom experience in the QS Online MBA Rankings 2021.  

Dr John DeJoy is an associate professor of economics and financial studies at Clarkson. Dr DeJoy has taught graduate level courses for nearly 30 years and is the winner of the Gold Award for Excellence in Teaching, Becker CPA Exam Review. 

Dr DeJoy said: “Clarkson University’s online MBA programme is integrated, well-rounded, and cohesive, designed with modern case studies applicable to today’s workplace.  

“We provide students with the tool kit of skills needed to become a comprehensive manager and leader in the business world.”  

A recent Graduate Management Admissions Council alumni survey found that a degree increased the earnings power of 87 percent of business school alumni, and 84 percent said their degree led to faster career advancement. 

“Our online MBA programme is designed for maximum relevance to the modern workplace,” said Dr DeJoy. 

The online MBA’s flexibility is perfect for working professionals 

The main reason an online MBA appealed to Sascha – and to the many working professionals that take on the programme each year – was the flexibility it offers. 

“I knew that I could never drop my career to study for a year in the middle of the day on some campus somewhere, so an online MBA was the only logical option,” said Sascha.  

Sascha was looking for a quality education that still offered flexibility and access to professors, with live classes and internet office hours. He found his perfect online MBA at Clarkson. 

Clarkson’s online MBA runs on quarter-based terms in September, January, March, and June. Students can start their online MBA in any term that suits them, and full-time and part-time options are also available.  

Dr DeJoy said: “Clarkson’s online MBA focuses on quality, flexibility, and applicability. Our programme is taught by the same faculty and to the same standards as our residential programme but made for working professionals, with flexible work-time and evening classes.” 

The online MBA prioritises the student experience through digital learning 

Since the start of COVID-19, many business schools have prioritised online learning, offering lectures over Zoom, online exams and break-out rooms. However, some schools have handled the transition to online learning more effectively than others. 

Online learning was already a priority at Clarkson long before the pandemic. Sascha completed his online MBA before the pandemic started and describes the excellent support he received.  

“Clarkson’s online MBA was already a prime example for the industry that many other schools followed. Their focus on live interaction helped make sure their high quality would continue,” he said.  

It is this dedication to encouraging conversations in an online setting that really sets Clarkson apart from other business schools offering online MBAs. The programme uses discussion and collaboration to help students better understand the course material.  

Dr DeJoy said: “We utilise a dynamic mix of synchronous class discussions and teaching. Asynchronous authentic assignments present real-world scenarios that convey content and allow students to enhance their skills in a protective laboratory environment.  

“Each student is valued and respected. Each student importantly contributes to the learning of others via synchronous and asynchronous discussions and challenges.” 

The online MBA allows you to experience individualised learning  

The online MBA is a programme designed to suit your individual needs and interests. 

At Clarkson, the online MBA offers a range of electives to choose from so that students can tailor the degree to fit their career aspirations. 

Dr DeJoy said: “At Clarkson, we have continued individualised academic advising. We sometimes provide flexible deadlines, given students’ health and family and personal or professional needs.” 

This personalised approach to the online MBA helped Sascha complete his programme.  

“Clarkson University went out of its way to accommodate me. I was an overseas student, and the efforts from faculty, staff and others to support me in my schedule surprised me every time. They offered flexibility on group work and deadlines to accommodate my schedule,” said Sascha. 

Overall, Sascha believes he made the right decision studying his MBA at Clarkson. He offers some advice for students deciding where to study their online MBA. 

He said: “Compare schools, find one that works for you and feels like it wants you to be there. Look for places with student and alumni engagement and strong networking.  

“You want a university that has a brick-and-mortar programme but also places priority on the digital learning experience.” 

This article was originally published in November 2021 .

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