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Cardiff Business School offers a 28-month executive MBA program that caters to students who require learning to fit around their home and work life. Find out what the school looks for in potential students, as well as how its EMBA admissions process works. 

 Firstly, what is the typical acceptance rate to the Cardiff EMBA program?

 The acceptance rate is around 40%.

 What is the most common mistake you see applicants make?

 Many of the mistakes we see are often process related. We regularly find that not all of the required documents, especially reference letters and degree certificates, are attached to applications.

 Additionally, many people apply although they don’t meet any of the selection criteria or they apply with not enough experience at managerial level (when applying on an experience basis).

 Often applicants become confused between the full-time MBA program and the EMBA, while some international candidates apply yet do not have a valid visa to study on a part-time program.

 What is something you would like to see applicants do more often?

 Applicants should carefully read through all instruction provided via the website and other materials as these will help guide them and answer many of their questions.

 When completing the personal statement section, the applicant should be as clear and comprehensive as possible in articulating why they wish to undertake the EMBA.

 Also, when preparing the application it is important for applicants to upload all relevant documents so that the admissions team can process everything without delay.

 How can students stand out from the crowd with their résumé?

 Students should align their CV with the course selection criteria and clearly identify the role and responsibilities undertaken since they have been managing or leading teams or project groups.

 What is a typical ratio of domestic to international students accepted into the program?

 In the last cohort there was one international student out of 19 in total. Students are unable to get a visa to pursue a part-time program in the UK.

 If students do not have extensive work experience, how else can they make a good impression?

 A minimum of three years’ work experience is a core element of the selection process for the EMBA. Additionally, applicants are asked to highlight via their CV or application occasions or projects where they had the opportunity to demonstrate their leadership, communication and analytical skills.

 Is there something in particular that the Cardiff admissions team looks for in an EMBA applicant?

 It starts with the selection criteria. The team also look to ensuring a good mix of applicants from the private and public sectors as well as small and large organizations. This helps to ensure the cohort are exposed to different working practices and experiences from their own.


Helen Vaudrey
Written by Helen Vaudrey

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