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Why An International Mindset Is The Key to Success in Today’s Business World

By Stephanie L

Updated April 11, 2021 Updated April 11, 2021

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A study by the Global Mindset Index has recognized that businesses that are committed to their employees acquiring an international outlook are more likely to achieve their objectives and goals than businesses that don’t.

If you aspire to work in the rapidly developing and competitive world of international business, you’re going to need to adapt your management and leadership style in order to suit an industry where cultural awareness and cultural competence are both essential.

Having an international mindset ensures you reflect the values and potential that comes with business in the 21st century, so what can be done to ensure the next generation of business professionals are globally business savvy? We spoke to The International School of Management (ISM)  in Paris to find out more.

What is an international mindset?

Firstly, an international mindset is not something that usually comes naturally. Relevant training is needed to learn the knowledge and skills necessary to possess a mindset that’s needed to become a leader in global business.

Having an international mindset has not only proven to help boost productivity, profits and project collaboration within the business, it also equips you with the tools and strategies to communicate effectively within the business and with international colleagues and understand how you can make a global impact on business wherever you go.

Business schools, such as The International School of Management, are recognizing the need to educate and train future business professionals who are able to understand the motivations and expectations of businesses, markets and strategies across cultures and borders.

Betsy Gomez, an International MBA student at ISM has recently returned from a two-week academic program in Shanghai in China, which she considered to be “a great learning experience.”

Students who study the International MBA or doctoral program at ISM are invited to take part in two-week study programs in some of the world’s most bustling business cities, including New York, Shanghai, São Paulo, New Delhi and Cape Town.

An invaluable asset

Changing markets around the world highlight the increasing need for business professionals and global leaders who can think and communicate effectively in international settings.

An international mindset can lead to highly motivated teams. In turn, this can give a real advantage over competitors as both employers and employees have a more sophisticated understanding of business in a cross-cultural setting.

 “I had so much exposure to the Chinese way of doing business which is essential for me as a future entrepreneur,” said Betsy.

“I’m confident that this experience has reshaped the way I will conduct business in different parts of the world.”

Overcoming barriers

The complexities of cultures and business means it’s a smart business investment for organizations to adopt an international mindset and actively encourage and support employees to also think in the same way.

An international mindset can also help alleviate issues within the team, offer unique opportunities that may not have otherwise been realized as well as offer the ability to view problems and situations from a variety of perspectives.

Working across cultures and borders also means exposure to a wide range of languages – something which can be a real deal-breaker in business. This was something Betsy learned to appreciate during her trip to Shanghai. She told us: “I’ve also learned how to appreciate the language so much more, and even though it is challenging, I hope to take Mandarin classes in the future.”

“I’ve also made connections that will have a real impact on any future business endeavors I may have.”

It should also be noted that having an international mindset goes beyond being able to communicate effectively with colleagues in an international setting. An international mindset also means you understand and know how to work with business customs and laws that are different from the domestic business place. 

This article was originally published in November 2019 . It was last updated in April 2021

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