Why You Should Choose Boston University Questrom School of Business According to Faculty

Why You Should Choose Boston University Questrom School of Business According to Faculty main image

There are a number of reasons to choose to study for your MBA at Boston University's Questrom School of Business. Whether the area interests you, or Questrom's flexible approach to the program seems promising, the business school is ready to win you over.

Admissions advice

When speaking with candidates who feel they have a weakness, Dana MacFaun, Director of MBA Admissions at Boston University Questrom School of Business tells them not to worry as everyone has something on their resumé they wish was better. Everyone has strengths and areas to work on.

Be self-reflective on your work, find ways to assuage any concerns the admissions committee may have about your academics.

Admissions committees view undergraduate degrees to see if you’ll succeed academically in the program. If your GPA is weak, demonstrate your academic abilities in other ways.

Why choose Questrom

J.P. Matychak, Associate Dean Boston University Questrom School of Business applauds the restructuring and flexibility of the MBA program.

Questrom believes students should own their MBA education. Questrom is introducing more flexibility into its core curriculum and electives and continues to expand the pool to make courses more relevant than ever.

Questrom is thinking of ways to change the way it approaches concentrations and majors in the MBA program, as well as looking at career pathways so MBA can tailor their MBA program to fit in with advancing their career.

Boston's appeal

 J.P considers Boston to be an intersection to the world, and that’s why students are attracted to the area. Boston has a lot to offer in terms of new sectors in the global economy, including Digital Tech, Health & Biopharma, Social Impact and Environmental Sustainability.

Niamh Ollerton, Deputy Head of Content at QS
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