Why You Should Consider Madrid For Your MBA Studies

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IE Business School is situated in Madrid, Spain's capital city and business hub - but these aren't the only reasons facult and MBA students think you should pick the business school for your MBA program. Read on to find out why you should choose IE Business school for your graduate business education.

Faculty thoughts

Mar Hurtado de Mendoza admits there is always going to be an element of fear when moving abroad.

She describes Madrid as a lively, cosmopolitan city, offering students a high quality of life. The business hub has great public transportation, and locals are very welcoming to foreign students.

Hurtado says, “The only challenge I can see of coming to Madrid is that you might want to stay.”

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What the students think

MBA student Abhisek Agrawalla says choosing IE Business School was a good decision for him.

But why did he choose it? Diversity was at the top of his list – something IE Business School prides itself on. Before starting the program, he had friends in three or four countries, and now he has friends in over 70 countries. This has proven to be of great benefit to classmates when discussing business ideas that could work in countries all over the world. It helps students understand different working cultures.

As it’s a one-year course, this gives students a jump start compared to other MBA programs to apply what they learned in the field much sooner.

MBA student Matt Hardy admits the decision to do a full-time MBA is quite daunting.

It requires a lot of financial investment and leaving your family. On the flipside, if you have a good job, you may also wonder if it’s worth the time, effort and money.

What prompted his final decision to attend IE Business School’s MBA program? He was inspired by the ability to continuously learn and also gain a more open mindset.

Matt thinks it’s all been worth it and wouldn’t change the decision if he had to choose all over again.

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