Smith School of Business Launches Groundbreaking Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence

Smith School of Business Launches Groundbreaking Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence main image

Queen’s University’s Smith School of Business has become the first North American institution to offer a Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence.

The innovative new course is specifically designed for studying the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning, in the context of modern business decision making.

The teaching at the Canadian school encapsulates the understanding of technical principles and methods for data search and retrieval, plus best practices in identifying and applying AI and expertise in business practice involving AI, as well as discussion of the ethical, economic and societal impacts of computers exhibiting intelligent behavior. 

The 12-month program is designed to be undertaken while you work, with classes on Tuesday evenings and alternate Saturdays. Teaching content is delivered through lectures, seminars, experiential learning, team assignments, projects, presentations, and a capstone project of four months where students apply their learning to real-world problem solving, helping a real company.

It’s aimed at students with a data or business background, so you’ll need to have an undergraduate degree in either mathematics, business, computer science, economics, engineering or science. Typically, an ideal candidate would have two years of relevant work experience, and a score of over 650 on their GMAT. The program fees are $59,900 (US$46,663) for domestic students and $79,900 (US$62,243) for international students.

Speaking to Poets & Quants, Stephen Thomas, the academic director of the program, said: “There is a huge shortage — and a growing shortage — for business managers that can understand AI and apply it to business outcomes.

“AI in general is growing. We’ve got a report from the jobs website that says AI and machine learning job opportunities are up 500 percent since June 2015, and up 200 percent in the last 18 months.”

AI or MBA?

If you don’t want to dedicate your postgraduate study entirely to AI, there are other options for business students with an interest in the subject. MIT Sloan School of Management has collaborated with MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Library (CSAIL) to offer an online course: Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy. This focuses on organizational and managerial implications of AI, rather than the technical aspects.

Similarly, Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern has a Human and Machine Intelligence course using hands-on cases and applications, such as IBM’s Deep Blue and Google’s AlphaGo, to teach you how to apply human and machine thought partnerships to grow businesses.

Many other business schools have seen AI become elements of their curriculum, with Harvard Business School cases offered to MBA students involving the topic. NYU Stern offers a basic data handling skills course, involving programming languages like Python as well as an introduction to machine learning as part of their MBA curriculum. 

Written by Julia Gilmore

Julia is a writer for, publishing articles for business students and graduates across the world. A native Londoner, she holds an MSc in Marketing Strategy & Innovation from Cass Business School and a BA in Classical Studies & English from Newcastle University.

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