City Guide
MBA in Miami

Miami is best known for its beautiful beaches, art-deco architecture, exciting nightlife, and sexy people. But it’s also a fast-growing economy, ripe with opportunities for the business-minded. So, it’s no wonder aspiring MBAs might be attracted to the Magic City.

Those with an interest in Latin American culture and business will fit in well in Miami. Sometimes called Little Cuba, Miami has a large immigrant population with connections to Latin America and its vicinity to Latin America is fortuitous for anyone with business goals connected to the region.

In fact, as a result of its geography and culture, Miami has become a rich international banking and investment center, according to City Data. Some banks have made their Miami outposts the hub for international trade divisions and they’ve garnered opportunities to develop economies and privatize systems in Latin American countries.

In addition, the city is home to the headquarters of more than 170 multinational companies. Tourism, services, and trade are among the top industries. Real estate and construction are also high on the list. In the wake of Hurricane Andrew in the early 1990s, the city began rebuilding and the growth never really stopped.

The entire state of Florida relies on agriculture as a driving force in its economy. Miami-Dade County’s agriculture employs more than 20,000 people and brings in more than $2.7 billion in economic impact annually, according to the county’s website.

Clearly, Miami is a business force. Along with its sunshine, these opportunities beckon MBA aspirants. After all, it might be nice to meet with your team of classmates while lying on the beach.