Six Stories of Entrepreneurial Success: Infographic

Entrepreneurial success stories

Business school can be a great place to discover if you have a knack for building and running a startup and to ascertain if the entrepreneurial life is for you.

Schools now offer a plethora of courses focused on providing budding entrepreneurs with the requisite toolkit, plus there are regular opportunities to network with potential investors and test out your business plan in startup competitions. Some MBA students even find themselves the perfect startup partner, or cofounder, during their time at business school. 

Part of the attraction of taking entrepreneurship classes as part of an MBA is to receive the kind of training that can turn a business idea into a reality – and one that has the best possible chance of success. 

In this, looking at those who have gone before you – the entrepreneurial success stories of the likes of Jeff Bezos and Larry Page, for instance – can also be highly instructive, as this infographic from the University of Maryland details…

University of Maryland’s Online MBA Program

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