Entrepreneurship in the MBA Curriculum: Video

MBA entrepreneurship

If you were to play a word association game with the word ‘entrepreneurship’, the first thing that would leap to mind for many people would be startups – new business ventures, maybe backroom operations, some of which might grow into household names, many others of which will fail.

But, maybe, suggests Olivia Kelley, associate director of recruitment at Babson College, we need to think of entrepreneurship as a wider set of values, applicable far beyond the aforementioned paradigm. The final goal? Making ideas into action!

In the below video, Kelley explains how in an integrated MBA curriculum, entrepreneurship is simply one lens through which one should view a challenge in business

Entrepreneurship and the MBA 

Written by Mansoor Iqbal

Mansoor is a contributor to and former editor of TopMBA.com. He is a higher and business education specialist, who has been published in media outlets around the world. He studied English literature at BA and MA level and has a background in consumer journalism.

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