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Average GMAT scores for top business schools in the US
12 Dec 2016

If you’re serious about winning admission to a top MBA program in the US in 2017, then you’ll want to note this year’s average GMAT scores.

Learn how to develop the mental agility needed to conquer the GMAT
30 Aug 2016

You can't get a 700+ GMAT score through mere rule memorization. Learn how to develop the mental agility needed to conquer the GMAT.

GMAC's admissions test designed for applicants to EMBA programs
18 Jul 2016

What is GMAC’s Executive Assessment test and how are six leading business schools using it as part of the admissions process for their EMBA programs?

What to do about a low GMAT score
15 Jul 2016

A lower GMAT score isn’t the end of the world. Get advice from admissions officers on how to up your chances of being accepted despite having a low score.

GMAT videos listing
11 May 2016

Need to study for the GMAT on your own schedule? Learn about the various GMAT video options out there – some of them are even free!

A look at 13 of today’s more popular GMAT app options
04 May 2016

Looking for a GMAT app to help prepare for the all-important b-school admissions test?  Here’s a guide to 13 popular options out there.

year roundup
03 May 2016

We take a look back at some of the biggest stories - and some of our favorites – from the first half of 2015.

Survey suggests increasing importance attached to integrated reasoning
08 Oct 2015

Three years on from the launch of the integrated reasoning section, business schools are finally ascribing importance to this separate GMAT score.

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