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What to do about a low GMAT score

A lower GMAT score isn’t the end of the world. Get advice from admissions officers on how to up your chances of being accepted despite having a low score.

Top Six Myths About the GMAT main image

Studying for the GMAT can be tiresome with all of the strategies needed to succeed. Find how we bust some common myths about the exam.

New Changes to the GMAT in 2018, Explained main image
by Manhattan R.

The GMAT exam has changed. Here's what to expect from the new format, including changes to the pre-exam tutorial. 

How Can QS LEAP Help Your Test Prep?

QS Leap has recently won a couple of major test prep awards. Find out why and how QS LEAP can help your test preparation.

Discover the top three GMAT tips you need to know

The GMAT is a standardized test for admissions to business school and quite a difficult test if you don’t know how study correctly. Read our top three tips to help you ace the exam on test day. 

GMAT mathematical section

To raise your GMAT score to the 700-level, it is crucial to learn when to calculate in fractions and when in decimals. This guide by Rowan Hand, a GMAT tutor, will help you understand the concept of calculations in GMAT.

Students preparing for the GMAT

Struggling to prepare for the mathematical portion of your GMAT exam? These tips can help you to find the right answer.

We ask GMAT experts for their top tips to improve your GMAT score

Increasing your GMAT score is a top priority for any MBA applicant. We ask GMAT experts for their top tips.