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The Evolution of Christmas Marketing main image

Christmas marketing continues to get bigger and bigger each year. But where did it all start?

MBA vs Specialized Business Master’s – Which One is Better for Your Career? main image

Not sure what the next step after your undergraduate degree should be? Find out why a specialized business master’s could be for you. 

Day in the Life of an MBA Grad and Entrepreneur Specializing in Marketing  main image

Find out what a typical day in the life of an MBA graduate and entrepreneur who specializes in marketing is like. 

TOPMBA marketing by date
10 Brands and Businesses That Got Their Marketing Horribly Wrong main image

Successful marketing is all about remembering who your audience is, sending the right message, and promoting your product well - which these brands didn't achieve.

Can Marketing Using Social Issues Help a Brand Succeed?

The recent Gillette advert has raised questions about how brands can use social issues in their advertising to help sell products. But how smart a marketing decision is it? Read on to find out more...

How an MSc in Marketing and Creativity Benefitted This Young Director in Her Role  main image

Combining personal passion and a career is something most of us strive for. Find out how Edilia Gänz, Director of FEDORA used her MSc in Marketing and Creativity to do just that. 

Why Choosing a Masters in Marketing Could Boost Your Career main image

Choosing a Masters in Marketing program can help you land marketing-specific jobs and boost job opportunities, with some courses complimenting MBA programs. 

Why Should You Do a Master’s in Marketing?

Interested in pursuing a masters in marketing? Read on to discover what you can expect from a marketing program, and the best schools to study at.