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TOPMBA MBA applicants by date
What to do about a low GMAT score

A lower GMAT score isn’t the end of the world. Get advice from admissions officers on how to up your chances of being accepted despite having a low score.

GMAT or GRE? What Do Business Schools Really Think main image

With both the GMAT and GRE exams available for business school applicants, do the b-schools have a preference? 

What Do MBA Applicants Want in a Business School and Career? main image

Following the publication of the QS Applicant Survey, what trends are noticeable are among today's MBA students?

TOPMBA MBA applicants by date
Discover the aspirations of MBA applicants around the world

The MBA Applications and Aspirations Report explores the responses from thousands of MBA applicants around the world who took part in the most recent QS Applicant Survey.

A row of world flags

In which countries are potential MBAs looking at studying the qualification? Our latest report has found the top 10 destinations for students this year.

Students preparing for the GMAT

Struggling to prepare for the mathematical portion of your GMAT exam? These tips can help you to find the right answer.

Experts discuss the best round to submit your MBA application

Should you rush your MBA application or wait for the later deadlines? What are the advantages and drawbacks of each submission date? 

Round 2 and Beyond: MBA Application Deadlines in Europe

Applying to business school in Europe? Find out the application deadlines for the top schools.