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Demand for MBA hires in Latin America has increased significantly in recent years, with new opportunities growing by 7% in 2014, according to the QS Jobs & Salary Trends Report 2014/15, on the back of 10% growth in 2013. And with 8% further growth predicted over 2015, the outlook looks bright for MBAs targeting the region.

Credicorp, a financial holding company based in Peru, is one example of the type of employers that are fuelling the region’s growth in opportunities for graduates of top business schools. In this interview, talent management consultants Luciana Cedrón and Roxana Meza Cuadra explain what Credicorp looks for in its MBA hires.

What makes Credicorp different to other finance companies that employ MBAs?

We are the biggest financial holding company in Peru, a country that has been growing rapidly. MBAs at Credicorp have opportunities to grow across our different companies, each of which is a major player in its sector (banking, insurance, pension funds). 

The positions we offer as internships are interesting challenges, which allow participants the chance to seriously impact business results. In addition, MBA interns have full access to top executives.

Could you give an overview of Credicorp’s MBA recruitment process?

The recruitment process consists of interviews and campus visits. Interviews are held by relevant business managers and our ‘Talent Management Area’ (the area of Credicorp dedicated to filling strategic positions). We travel to high-ranking business schools annually with our top executives to get to know the MBAs who are interested in Credicorp and to build our brand.

What are the most common job roles for MBA graduates at Credicorp? Are most of these jobs located in Peru?

Most of the jobs are located in Peru and they are chiefly in corporate finance, investment banking, corporate banking and retail banking.

What do you look for when evaluating a candidate’s résumé and experience?

Mostly, we look for analytical and change management skills, as well as the ability to keep on learning. We need candidates to be competitive and to be ambitious when it comes to professional growth, but also capable of working as a team.

How many MBA students do you typically recruit each year?

Globally, we recruit around 20 students every year. This rate has been consistent in recent times.

Do the MBAs you recruit from outside Peru need to have experience living or working in Latin America?

It depends on the position, because sometimes we need them to know the market.  Usually, however, experience in Latin America is not a must.

How many MBAs intern at Credicorp?

We have around five interns per year since we started the program in 2013. Two have stayed with us in full-time positions so far.

Which business schools do you recruit from and why? 

We recruit from the top business schools in the US and Europe. Usually, we consider the Financial Times, Businessweek and Forbes MBA rankings. We recruit from these schools because their graduates possess abilities and business knowledge in the relevant areas.

What steps should MBAs take in order to make a good impression? Conversely, what are some common mistakes MBAs make when contacting recruiters?

They should have a very well-prepared résumé that lets the recruiter know about their experience and achievements. In the interview, they should let the interviewers understand their goals, while acknowledging that not everybody understands professional jargon. They should let the interviewer identify their different abilities, but also show they are ready to develop and willing to learn and grow as professionals in the company. Applicants should be proficient in Spanish.

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