Top Business Schools in Asia-Pacific 2014/15: Slideshow

Top business schools in Asia-Pacific 2014/15 slideshow

With approximately half of all MBA applicants basing their choice of study location on where they wish to work after graduation, the benefits of pursuing an MBA in Asia-Pacific are growing along with the region’s MBA job opportunities.

But, which are the top business schools in Asia-Pacific?

The regional rankings contained within the QS Global 200 Business Schools Report 2014/15 feature 30 institutions offering MBA programs in Asia-Pacific countries.

In producing its guide to the top business schools in Asia-Pacific, the report sources data from a global pool of more than 5,000 actively-hiring employers of MBA graduates and over 7,000 academics in the field of business and management.

The slideshow below depicts those institutions that received the 10 highest ratings this year. Among them, six countries are represented – four of which are listed in the top 20 study destinations by MBA applicants this year. 

So, from one to 10, take a trip through the 10 top business schools in Asia-Pacific:

More information about this year’s 10 top business schools in Asia-Pacific can be found in TopMBA.com’s full rundown.

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