How Imperial College Business School is Doing its Part for Students

How Imperial College Business School is Doing its Part for Students main image

An MBA is all about opening doors for students and graduates. Imperial College Business School implores to do this through career services, innovative programs, and partner organizations.

We caught up with faculty at Imperial College to find out more.

Sarah Ranchev-Hale

Assistant Director of Careers, Employer Relations Sarah Ranchev-Hale says there’s no limit to where students can go after graduating from the MBA program.

Some go into top-tier consulting, investment banking and tech giants, but graduates could go anywhere from starting their own business, working at a start-up, or even something niche and bespoke.

Sarah says, "We support students by putting them in front of employers, opening their eyes to things they didn’t know existed."

A past student had strong ambitions to stay in consulting but eventually transitioned to work for Microsoft – a big career change she didn’t anticipate.

In comparison, another moved from a clinical background to a commercial background. The MBA gave him the foundations to transition from a specialist role into a strategic role at a large healthcare provider.

Joël McConnell

Executive Director of Marketing, Recruitment, and Admissions Joël McConnel describes Imperial as a pretty dynamic place.

Currently going through the program review process, Joël mentions two notable things happening on the program:

  • The Future of Management Education Alliance (of which Imperial is partner) works with top schools worldwide to redevelop and make a big shift change in how online programs are offered. If you're interested in the Global Online MBA, keep your eyes peeled
  • There are new campus facilities at White City too. In 2020 Imperial will bring new space online that will be of particular interest to students wanting to start a venture or scale up a venture as part of their full-time MBA experience
Niamh Ollerton, Deputy Head of Content at QS
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