How Location and Alumni Networks Make MBA Programs Even More Beneficial

How Location and Alumni Networks Make MBA Programs Even More Beneficial main image

Pepperdine Graziadio Business School is situated in a technological hub. This, and the fact that many alumni work in the tech sector will benefit both students and graduates.

We caught up with Jon Koegler, Senior Coach in the Career and Professional Development Team to find out more.

Location, location, location

Jon thinks Pepperdine’s location in California, LA is one of its biggest assets.

With lots of start-ups and tech companies moving to Silicon Beach (even from the Bay Area), there’s an energy that students can tap into.

Students have alumni and networking opportunities in the city to make valuable connections. He says, “We see time and time again in business school it’s not always what you know, but who you know. It’s so critical to get your foot in the door.W

Who you know

Students at Graziado can enhance career prospects by synthesizing materials learned, to take on a more holistic perspective in the working world.

Jon says the alumni network is an invaluable element, “We have tens of thousands of alumni scattered all over the world at companies like Google, Facebook, PayPal; places where students really want to explore careers.”

Alumni are ready to engage with students during and after the program to boost professional development and their job search.

Niamh Ollerton, Deputy Head of Content at QS
Written by Niamh Ollerton

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