Student Profile: Emily Nuss, Raymond A. Mason School of Business, College of William and Mary

Student Profile: Emily Nuss, Raymond A. Mason School of Business, College of William and Mary main image

Emily Nuss is currently studying for her MBA at Raymond A. Mason School of Business at the College of William and Mary, Virginia.

Emily Nuss, College of William and Mary

Nuss had five years’ work experience under her belt before starting her MBA, and her pre-MBA role was a volunteer leader at the United States Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic.

She speaks with TopMBA.com about how she came to choose the College of William and Mary, and how the business school made her feel at home.

What were you doing before starting your MBA?

I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Dominican Republic for three and a half years. For the first two years, I lived in a small rural community working with local owners of a small business. Through this work I was able to help the owners sustain their operations and improve overall efficiency. The final year and a half of service I worked as a Volunteer Leader supervising and managing over 60 other volunteers and their work in local communities.

What factors led to you pursuing a graduate degree?

My Peace Corps Service lead me to pursue my graduate degree at W&M. As a volunteer, I helped empower small business owners to forge a new life while utilizing entrepreneurship.

What tools did you use to research programs and universities?

Before searching for schools, I first reflected on my overall goals in working towards a graduate degree. Once these goals were realized and prioritized, I began to search for programs whose mission and vision aligned with my own. To research programs and universities, I tapped into my personal and professional networks for suggestions and guidance.

What factored in to your final choice of where to study?

Outside of a program with a quality reputation, outstanding professors, and driven administration, the main deciding factor for where I should study was the level of connection I felt to the school and other students. From the minute I began talking with the admissions staff, I felt I’d found a new family and that sense of home called me to accept the offer to study at the school.

What do you most love about the school/program?

The other students definitely make the school and program enjoyable! Since the beginning, our cohort united to support one another through the internship/job search, studied with one another when coursework got tough, and helped ease the transition to collegiate life. I don’t know where I’d be without this group of amazing people.

What is your favorite thing about the city/campus?

Williamsburg is gorgeous! As William and Mary is tucked into Colonial Williamsburg it makes life exciting and very interesting.

What is your best experience on the program to date?

My favorite part of my experience at William and Mary has been participating in all the traditions the school has to offer. My favorite tradition has to be the new student Convocation. New students (undergraduate and graduate alike) gather together outside of the historic Wren Building and listen to various speeches from the president and other important faculty. Once the speeches are completed, new students walk through the Wren Building and are greeted by the cheers of current students and alumni welcoming them to the school. What a welcome home!

What do you plan to do once you graduate?

I plan to work as a Human Capital Consultant at Deloitte Federal in Washington DC. With this experience, I look forward to assisting federal agencies in being more efficient and in turn improving the lives of civilians across the country.

What advice would you have for incoming students to your program?

I strongly suggest that all incoming students take time to reflect on their reasons and goals for gaining a masters degree. Through this reflection, ensure that everything you do leads to reaching these goals. Don’t falter for a moment, or get caught up in things that will distract you.

Niamh Ollerton, Deputy Head of Content at QS
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