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ESCP Europe Business School has given us detailed insight into landing a spot at the institution.

From building MBA profiles to advice for international students, Elaine Seabrook, marketing and recruitment executive at ESCP Europe’s London school tells everything applicants need to know.

GMAT/GRE advice

How important are the test scores on the admissions decision?

Test scores are an integral part of the MBA application and are an important indicator of an applicant’s skills and aptitude for a career in management. We do take test scores into consideration with the application as a whole and take a holistic and individualized approach to each application.

In your opinion, which test is better to take - GMAT or GRE?

We advise applicants to practice both tests to see if one is suited better to their skills. We believe both tests are strong indicators of the quantitative, verbal and time management skills required.

What materials and resources would you recommend to applicants?

Applicants should choose resources they find appropriate for their individual circumstance. Both the GRE and the GMAT have online study, books and courses aimed at helping improve skills and scores.

How can an applicant best prep for the admissions test?

Prepping for standardized tests like the GMAT or GRE is as much about time management and commitment as it is about pre-possessed skills. Applicants should budget enough time in their schedule for adequate study and practice test-taking.

Elaine Seabrook, marketing and recruitment executive, ESCP Europe Building MBA profile advice

If you could pick five things on an ideal applicant’s profile what would they be?

Experience living or studying in more than one country, meaningful extracurricular activities, a strong academic profile, knowledge of more than one language and a love of multi-culturalism.

What should I leave out of my MBA profile?

We advise leaving out personal opinions on cultures, politics or current affairs in general. Sometimes when applicants want to tackle the subjects of diversity or multiculturalism, it can be easy to miss the mark. Another suggestion is to cut anything that doesn’t feel genuine to you.

What are the most common mistakes with resumes that you’ve seen?

We don’t have a particular ‘style’ that every resume must follow, but it’s important that your resume is easy to read, and the reader can follow your career history easily. Most resumes over two pages are considered too long. Try to convey the most important areas of your career and accomplishments in one or two pages.

Admissions advice

How can I get the most out of attending admission events?

Researching the school and any alumni, panellists or corporate guests present will enrich your experience. Candidates should come ready to ask questions and engage with the network and school community.

What are the benefits of attending these events?

If you’re very interested in the MBA, an event like this allows you to have a one-on-one conversation with members of the school community to see if the program is right for you. You could also get CV feedback, admissions advice and application tips.

How important is it to talk to alumni before applying to a school?

We recommend prospective students consider reaching out to alumni or student ambassadors to learn more about what studying on the program is really like. You can contact our alumni or student ambassadors via LinkedIN or find the full list of student ambassadors on our MBA website.

To find out about our upcoming events, visit ESCP’s website.

Scholarship advice

What scholarships do you offer?

We offer a number of grants and scholarships. Our admission grants for 2019 admission were valued up to €8,500 (US$9,551) to recognize excellence, merit and/or diversity. This past admission cycle, we also offered scholarships of €15,000 (US$16,858) for Women in Leadership, Entrepreneurship and NGO/Non-Profit work.

What is the scholarship cycle and when should I apply?

Our admission grants are always given in our offer letters for the program and so a separate application isn’t required. The school will automatically consider you for a grant.

Our ESCP Europe scholarships, such as the Women in Leadership scholarship, require an application form to be completed which includes essay questions.

What other sources of funding are available?

We work with Prodigy Finance and Brain Capital for financing of our MBA programme. Both companies offer fair loan schemes to MBA candidates.

International student advice

Where are the majority of international students from?

Our 2019 MBA class has 33 different nationalities represented.

Does the university help with the visa process?

Our school helps all incoming students with the visa process. After receiving your offer and enrolling on the program, you will be contacted by a visa officer to assist you.

What are some advantages and challenges of studying abroad?

We believe studying abroad is an integral part of an international MBA. The ESCP Europe MBA requires students to study in two different countries, meaning all students will be an international student for at least half of the program.

Students benefit from learning to lead, problem-solve and manage with students from many different cultures. They also benefit from language learning which can open up opportunities around the world.

How much work experience is required to enter your MBA program as an international student?

Applicants are required to have approximately three years’ work experience. In exceptional circumstances, sometimes we will accept candidates with less experience. In this type of instance, the candidate usually has had significant management or leadership experience.

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