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The Importance of Women in Leadership

The Forté Foundation recently announced that 17 of their member business schools have reported 40% or more women in their MBA class. While positive, we discuss why now is not the time for schools to rest on their laurels.

Discover what business schools are doing to close the gender gap, and what more can be done

Business school remains a man’s world — but some schools are coming up with imaginative ways to break the class ceiling and are having success in doing so.

The ‘Grade Gap’ Between Male and Female MBAs

Female MBA students are receiving poorer grades than males because they are not speaking up in classroom discussions, according to new new research  from Columbia Business School.

TOPMBA gender gap by date
EMBA to startup: RMIT alumna Michelle Redfern tells her story

From a senior executive to an entrepreneur focused on achieving gender parity - Redfern's studies at RMIT reset her trajectory.  

Gender equality and female students enrolled in MBA class of 2018 cohorts

A look at female student proportions in the MBA class of 2018 and new findings from GMAC in relation to gender equality in business education.

The view on business and business education from female deans

What’s it like to be a female dean attached to a top business school? Four deans from schools in the UK, France and Canada enlighten us.

Latest findings by the US Census Bureau show the typical entrepreneur is a male of nonminority status

Highlights from an inaugural Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs recently released by the US Census Bureau.

HBS MBA students attacking the confidence gap with children's book

Two students discuss the confidence gap they’ve witnessed between men and women at HBS and why adapting Lean In for children might offer a solution.