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The Debate: MBA Specializations vs. the Generalist Approach main image

Is it better for MBA students to focus on one area of interest in industry, or concentrate on providing a solid grounding across all areas of business? 

Find out if Edinburgh or Paris could be the ideal place for you to study an entrepreneurial MBA

Which European city is best for an MBA if you have entrepreneurial ambitions? The cases for Edinburgh and Paris, presented by b-school faculty.

Nyenrode’s Dennis Vink makes a case for the stability enjoyed by private business schools over their public counterparts

Private business schools offer stability in faculty and funding that public business schools simply cannot compete with, argues Nyenrode’s Dennis Vink.

TOPMBA The Debate by date
debate on distance learning and traditional learning formats

While there is a strong case for distance learning, do benefits of traditional learning, such as networking, outweigh any potential financial savings?

The Debate: Standalone Business Schools vs Management Faculties main image

Is it better for a school to be tied to a wider institution and its heritage, or is there a case for the focus of a highly-specialized, standalone institution? We asked representatives of the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University, and the European School of Management and Technology to argue the case for each.

course formats

John Barniville, director of ESMT’s 12-month MBA and Andrea Masini, associate dean of the HEC Paris’ 16-month MBA, on the merits of different course lengths.

MBA debate role of business

McGill’s Anita Nowak believes we’re on the cusp on a paradigm change, while RSM’s Frank Wijen warns that there is a dark side to corporate charity.

case study or academic approach

The case study method, pioneered by Harvard Business School, has long been prevalent in the MBA. But is it time for a new approach?