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Natasha Lakhani describes her first semester as an MBA at Imperial College Business School
15 Feb 2018

Natasha Lakhani, MBA student at Imperial College Business School in London, describes how her first semester went and why she can't wait to find out what the MBA has in store next.

How are business schools making their students' loved ones feel part of their MBA programs?
13 Feb 2018

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to look at the sacrifices that the spouses/partners and families make for MBA students. Find out what top business schools do to make sure they feel the love too.  

What ROI can you expect from an MBA?
02 Feb 2018

Studing for an MBA can be an expensive business. But does the potential ROI of an MBA make it all worth it in the end?

TOPMBA why study an MBA by date
Find out why a joint MBA degree could be the best route for you
19 Jan 2018

The MBA degree is not just for investment bankers or management consultants. From law to medicine and engineering, joint programs are merging multiple disciplines together.

Studying an MBA
15 Jan 2018

Wondering how to get the most out of your MBA? Read our top tips.

The case method can give MBA students, “a sense of what they will be confronted with in their future career,” says ICFAI Business School associate dean, Debapratim Purkayastha
30 May 2017

Business scenarios depicted in case method materials may read like film synopses, or come in comic book format, but have much to teach MBA students.

HBS MBAs among the speakers at an additonal commencement ceremony celebrating the achievements of black students from across Harvard’s graduate schools
24 May 2017

Two MBAs from Harvard Business School among the speakers at an additional commencement ceremony celebrating the university’s black students.

Using an MBA to change career
18 Apr 2017

Switching careers to shift up a gear: The benefits of an MBA program.