Why You Should Consider London for Your EMBA

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Renowned as a leading finance and commerce capital and home to some of the most elite business schools in the world, London is bursting with academic and professional opportunities for aspiring businessmen and women from all over the globe.

According to GMAC’s latest Application Trends Survey Report, over 3,600 candidates enrolled in an EMBA (Executive Master of Business Administration) program in 2018. For those contemplating the idea of an executive MBA, there aren’t many other places in the world that can beat the executive student experience offered by London.

Read on to find out what else makes London the ideal city to pursue an executive MBA.

London is a global hotspot for business education

As we’ve just said, there’s no shortage of business schools with star-studded reputations in the capital. One in particular, Warwick Business School, offers a transformational education experience that’s strong enough to rival the city’s more established business schools.

Situated across two floors of The Shard – an iconic feature of London’s skyline – Warwick Business School’s Executive MBA (London) program offers the highest standards of teaching and state-of-the-art resources that’s designed with the business professional in mind. Offering flexible and customizable learning options, students are encouraged to tailor the EMBA to suit their professional ambitions, as well as their personal needs and interests.

Having only joined the ranks of the London’s leading business schools five years ago, Warwick Business School has recently been ranked number one in the QS Global EMBA Rankings 2019 for salary increase.

This short video with Sarah Darling, an Executive MBA student at Warwick Business School, gives an insight into her EMBA experience.


Be stimulated by your surroundings

There’s a unique caliber of international businesses based in London. The City is home to three times more European multinational headquarters than any other city in Europe, along with an impressive 75 percent of Fortune 500 companies.

A diligent and energetic hub for economics, business, finance, and management, London also boasts an incredible crowd of homegrown entrepreneurs and small business ventures – something which Warwick Business School’s Executive MBA (London) emphasizes in its entrepreneurship specialization.

With this in mind, you’d do well to study in the heart of a city that thrives off a keen entrepreneurial and innovative spirit.

You’ll see the relevance in an international world

Something which may be overlooked when choosing where to study is London’s fortunate geographical positioning. Sitting comfortably on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) puts the city at a competitive advantage when it comes to its business day overlapping with other major global business markets.

If you possess truly global business ambitions, London really is the perfect city for you. Also, EMBA students at Warwick Business School who opt to study Global Business as an elective module will be able to study overseas in Mexico, India, or the United States – allowing them to foster their international perspective.

You’ll build a thriving network of professional contacts

There’s no better place to develop your professional relationships. Considering an EMBA cohort is relatively small in comparison to any other graduate degree program, being able to form, build, and maintain a strong network of contacts is one of the most valuable outcomes you can get from an executive MBA.

From managing directors to associate directors, you’ll mix, negotiate, and coordinate with a diverse range of individuals from all walks of life, and who all have their own experiences and stories to tell.

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Written by Stephanie Lukins

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