Top 10 MBA Programs in Asia, Australia and New Zealand


Business schools in Asia-Pacific might not have the reputability and history of some of their trans-Pacific cousins, but the region is rapidly developing as an MBA hotspot. Indeed, all of the top 10 programs in Asia, Australia and New Zealand appear in the top 100 of the QS Global MBA Rankings 2018. A phenomenal testament to their growing influence on the world stage.

The top 10 full-time MBA programs in Asia, Australia and New Zealand are:

1. China Europe International Business School, China

CEIBS is our highest ranked institution in Asia-Pacific this year. The school, which was established as an agreement between China and the European Commission, was the first of its kind in mainland China to offer the MBA qualification. The institution ranks first in the region for entrepreneurship, third for employability, and alumni outcomes, and fifth for return on investment. It’s also ranked globally in 28th position overall.

2. Melbourne Business School, Australia

Melbourne Business School offered the first Australian MBA qualification in 1965, and its significance has not waned since. This year, the institution is second in our top 10 Asia, Australia and New Zealand MBA programs (34th globally). For specific criteria, the school ranks second for employability and thought leadership in the region, third for return on investment, and ninth for entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes.

3. University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Third in our top 10 is the business school of the University of Hong Kong. This highly competitive school is a sought-after destination for students in the region and ranks 38th in the world as a whole. For individual criteria, the institution comes in at first for return on investment in the region, fourth for thought leadership, sixth for entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes, and eighth for employability.

4. The Australian Graduate School of Management, the University of New South Wales, Australia

The second Australian institution in the top 10 is AGSM, part of the University of New South Wales. The institution is regularly listed among the best in the country and this year is no different. In individual criteria it ranks first for diversity, second for return on investment, fifth for thought leadership, seventh for employability and 14th for entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes. Globally, the institution comes 39th.

5. National University of Singapore, Singapore

The largest and oldest tertiary educational institution in the country, NUS offers one of the most valued MBAs in the world. It ranks fifth in our Asia-Pacific ranking and 42nd in the Global MBA Rankings 2018. In terms of specific criteria, it ranks third in the region for thought leadership, and fourth for return on investment, employability, and diversity.

6. IIM Ahmedabad, India

The second Indian Institute of Management to be established, IIM Ahmedabad, is sixth in our Asia-Pacific top 10. This popular institution ranks 49th overall and in the Asia-Pacific region, it ranks first for employability, second for entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes, 10th for return on investment, and 12th for thought leadership.

7. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong

HKUST is the youngest such institution in the region. The business school is highly regarded around the world and ranks 56th in the Global MBA Rankings 2018. Within the Asia-Pacific region, it comes first for thought leadership, sixth for employability, 11th for diversity, 12th for entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes and 17th for return on investment.

8. IIM Bangalore, India

The second Indian institution in our Asia-Pacific top 10 this year is IIM Bangalore, the third IIM to be established in the country. Regionally it ranks third for entrepreneurship, fifth for employability and alumni outcomes, seventh for return on investment and 14th for thought leadership. Globally it ranks 58th overall.

9. The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), Hong Kong

CUHK Business School is the second-oldest university in the territory and has produced four Nobel laureates. In terms of specific criteria, it’s ranked fourth for entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes, eighth for thought leadership, 11th for return on investment, 12th for employability, and 16th for diversity. The institution is ranked 68th in the world.

10. Nanyang Business School, Singapore

Squeezing into the top 10 is the business school of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore's oldest business school. The institution is joint 72nd in the world in the Global MBA Rankings 2018. In terms of regional rankings and specific criteria, it comes second for diversity, seventh for thought leadership, eighth for return on investment, 14th for employability, and 17th for entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes.


Amelia Hopkins
Written by Amelia Hopkins

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