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Top business schools for an MBA in Australia

By Holly Hemmings

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The QS Global MBA Rankings 2024 look at business schools from all over the world and the success of their MBA programmes. This year there are 16 Australian universities in the rankings. 

The rankings are based on five indicators: diversity, thought leadership, employability, entrepreneurship & alumni outcomes and return on investment. To learn more about how the universities’ success is measured, there is a methodology page available on our website. 

Read on as we discover the top 10 business schools in Australia to study an MBA

QS Global MBA Rankings 2024 – Top 10 business schools in Australia 

National rank 

Global rank 



Melbourne Business School 


Australian Graduate School of Management at UNSW 


University of Sydney Business School 


UQ Business School 


Monash Business School 


Macquarie Business School at Macquarie University 


Australian National University 


University of Western Australia Business School 



RMIT University School of Business and Law 



Unisa Business School University of South Australia 



University of Technology Sydney Business School 

=9) University of Technology Sydney Business School

One of three universities in joint ninth place, University of Technology Sydney Business School emphasises its social and sustainable responsibility in developing the economy. It offers both online and in-person MBA courses which last either two years for a full-time programme and four years for a part-time programme.  

The in-person course is comprised of six core modules covering key business topics as well as 10 elective modules where students can choose their focus from hundreds of options. The online course has eight core subjects and four electives. 

UTS Business School earned its highest score in the diversity indicator, suggesting a diverse faculty and student body as well as a global business education and networking opportunities with students and businesses worldwide. 

=9) Unisa Business School University of South Australia

Also in joint ninth is Unisa Business School University of South Australia, which aims to produce graduates who are able to have a positive impact on the community. The MBA is a full-time course lasting 18 months and can be completed on-campus or online.  

The programme is designed to be very flexible with the option of mixed mode study (a combination of online and in-person) and the option to specialise in marketing, finance, or human resources according to the student’s career goals. 

Unisa Business School also received its highest score for diversity, ranking third in Australia for this indicator. This is a result of Unisa’s strong connections to universities all over the world in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.  

They offer a European Summer School of Advanced Management, which is a short course that allows students to study in Europe for two weeks, and a Business in China Intensive School, another two-week programme offered in partnership with Peking University. 

=9) RMIT University School of Business and Law

The final university ranked joint ninth in Australia is RMIT University School of Business and Law, which offers industry responsive programmes to help students excel in the world of business.  

The course is offered to both domestic and international students online or on-campus for either two or four years, depending on whether a full-time or part-time course is selected. 

The course covers sixteen different topics, some core modules and some electives and gives students the option to minor in either technology and innovation or leadership. 

Again, this school received its highest score for diversity. Every year, students are encouraged to take part in study tours which allow them to travel to different parts of the world including Spain, the US and China.  

There is also a study tour hosted annually in Vietnam, which allows students to learn about management issues in businesses across Asia and consider how they could help to make a difference. 

8) University of Western Australia Business School

Ranked eighth this year is the University of Western Australia Business School. The school aims to inspire its students to embrace innovation and become the world leaders of the future.  

Their MBA course has a duration of 12, 15 or 18 months depending on the student’s preference. They offer core modules in accounting, leadership, finance, management, strategy and marketing. They also have many electives which allow students to tailor their course to their interests. 

The school earned its highest score for return on investment, ranking fourth in the country for this indicator. MBA programmes can be very expensive, but the school boasts the highest graduate salaries in Australia with graduates earning an average of $200,000 AUD per annum.  

They also score well in the entrepreneurship and alumni outcomes indicator, ranking second in the country. 

7) Australian National University

In seventh is the MBA programme at Australian National University. They aim to enhance and develop Australia’s national identity by providing value to several industries including the world of business.  

The MBA is a one-and-a-half-year course which builds upon pre-existing management experience. It is the world’s first evidence-based management MBA programme. It allows students to apply their knowledge and improve their sense of judgement and ability to make decisions. 

Australian National University’s innovative evidence-based approach to education is reflected in their ranking as they earned their highest score in the thought leadership indicator. 

6) Macquarie Business School

Macquarie Business School

Macquarie Business School is ranked sixth this year. The school aims to reimagine the world of business by focusing on collaboration and bringing together their student body, faculty, and alumni to create new ideas.  

The MBA course lasts 18 to 24 months and gives students the option of studying full-time, part-time, on campus or online.  

They teach students to have a global mindset when it comes to business and emphasise the importance of communication to improve the work of the people around them. They allow students to upskill so that they can thrive in an evolving job market. 

Macquarie Business School earned its highest scores in the diversity and return on investment indicators. This is because the course offers modules which focus on a wide range of global markets and considers how different cultures are reflected in various countries and industries.  

Furthermore, their career services help to ensure that their students have as many skills and as much knowledge as possible to improve their employability. 

5) Monash Business School

Monash University

In fifth this year is Monash Business School. Monash works to solve real-world problems by working with various global industries to benefit the community. They offer a global executive MBA, an 18-month course offered on campus, a digital MBA which is offered completely online or a combined global executive MBA and Master of Business, a two-year course where the student will graduate with two degrees after studying a variety of key business areas.  

Each of the courses can be tailored to the student’s interests and career aspirations. The two on-campus modules also offer international study modules which allow students to understand different international markets. 

Monash Business School ranked highest for thought leadership. Their innovative approach to business education can be seen in the use of their creative destruction lab, the 13th in the world of its kind, which helps science and technology-based companies scale their business and make a real impact. 

4) UQ Business School

University of Queensland

UQ Business School ranked fourth this year. They aim to inspire the future generations to be socially and environmentally responsible in their research of business and the economy.  

The MBA course is split into two semesters and has a total duration of one year but can be spread out over up to 10 years for students studying part-time.  

During their studies, students benefit from a variety of teaching methods and experiences including traditional on-campus lectures, online study, seminars, workshops, work placements and overseas study. 

Thought leadership is the indicator in which UQ Business School earns the highest score. They have close ties to many industry leaders and successful businesses operating nationally and internationally. This allows them to ensure that their MBA course is contemporary and relevant to current business problems and practices. 

3) University of Sydney Business School

Into the top three and ranked third this year is University of Sydney Business School. The school aims to create responsible business leaders of the future who are well educated and well prepared for the industry of their choice.  

The MBA course is 18 months long and focuses on mobilising the personal skills needed to excel in business such as resilience, adaptability, and a progressive mindset.  

University of Sydney Business School received its highest score in the thought leadership indicator. The school prepares its students for the future of business management by utilising critical technologies such as generative and quantum AI.

2) Australian Graduate School of Management at UNSW


In second place is the Australian Graduate School of Management at University of New South Wales. The school equips students with the skills to thrive in an ever-changing world of business. They have 45 years of business education experience and focus on allowing students to develop their problem-solving skills.  

The MBA programme lasts 12 months but can be extended up to 24 months. The course focuses on career mobility and entrepreneurship, giving students the knowledge and tools to advance in their career or build their own businesses. 

Australian Graduate School of Management received its highest score in the diversity indicator, where it ranks best in the country. AGSM has over a hundred professional connections with business schools worldwide, which provide their students with international study opportunities.  

They are a member of both PIM (Partnership in International Management), a group of 65 leading business schools which provides students experience in global business operations, and GNAM (Global Network for Advanced Management), which provides students with global networking opportunities. 

1) Melbourne Business School

Melbourne Business School

Taking first place this year is Melbourne Business School. The school aims to produce graduates who will have an impact on the world. They aim to focus on economic growth, equality and environmental resources which positively impact the world of business and wider society.  

The MBA course can take up to two years to complete. It is designed with a focus on practical skills that can be applied in any area of business. Modules are offered in leadership, data analysis, management, economics, ethics & business environment, accounting, finance, and marketing. 

Melbourne Business School scores well across all indicators but received its highest score for thought leadership, where it also ranks first in Australia.  

One unique element of the MBA course is its class sizes, which are much smaller than many overseas business schools. This allows and encourages students to voice their ideas and opinions and interact more with faculty and their peers to develop their skills and knowledge.

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