CEO Interviews

There's a lot to be learned from those who have reached the top - perhaps their stories will inspire you to follow in their footsteps...

The world's most influential MBAs
Karen Turtle
CEO Interviews
22 Mar 2017

An introduction to six influential MBAs, leaders of some of the world's most successful companies.

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Neo Scores

Bart Van der Roost comes from a creative background but decided to study an EMBA to shore up his management skills – little did he know this would see him launching a tech startup... 

CEO MBA salary levels

Which CEOs on Equilar and the Associated Press’ list of highest-paid CEOs can ascribe at least some of their success to advanced business education?

Female leaders

From ancient Egypt to the Fortune 500, we take a look at five female leaders who have shaped business history to mark Women’s History Month. 

MBA startup

How a gender imbalance at Columbia University departments led to the foundation of the US’s biggest college dating startup, DateMySchool.

Entrepreneurial success stories

Infographic outlining just how much the budding entrepreneur can learn from looking at the success stories of the likes of Jeff Bezos and Larry Page.