MBA Alumni Profile: Kathia Ramirez, University of Liverpool Management School

MBA Alumni Profile: Kathia Ramirez, University of Liverpool Management School

Kathia Ramirez is a native of Mexico who completed her MBA at the University of Liverpool Management School. Before the course, she was running her own travel agency business, and she's currently working as a Content Distribution Manager for the largest travel and tourism company in the world.

TopMBA caught up with her to find out how the degree has affected her life.

What attracted you to study this degree? 

Kathia RamirezI wanted to develop my management and leadership skills in an international context. I faced various challenges while I was running my travel agency and I realized that I needed to develop my business acumen, financial and management knowledge, the MBA was the perfect path to achieve my goals. It has provided me with all the tools necessary to revamp my business. However, I decided that getting work experience abroad in a leader company will help even more to develop my skills. I can say that my degree made the difference to obtain the job offer.

What made you decide on the business school in which you were enrolled?

That it is in the group of institutions worldwide to be AACSB-Accredited and it was a top-ranked institution. In addition to its good reputation, the course modules, the navigator sessions, networking event and the option to do a work-based project as dissertation influenced my decision.

What was the best and/or most unexpected part of your degree experience? 

The great international community of classmates; the fact that they all had different backgrounds enriched the learning experience even more. Furthermore, meeting top level management people during the guest speaker sessions at the MBA building and visiting leader companies such as Bloomberg's head office in London were great opportunities to enhance my networking skills.

What skills do you think you have gained from the study of your degree? 

The Liverpool MBA put a strong emphasis on developing our emotional intelligence and self-awareness. In this way, I could identify my strengths and areas for improvement and know my leadership style. In addition, they encourage students to enhance networking skills which in my opinion is a key driver of success. 

In what way have others around you (e.g. managers/colleagues/new business partners) benefited from your degree experience? 

I've brought my analytical skills to the Content Senior team. My line manager has benefited from my ability to read and interpret financial information and I've helped the team to manage and plan budgets across our sub-teams. I've also played a key role in planning our budget with a £1m  reduction.

What sacrifices did you have to make (personal/professional) in order to embark on your degree? 

Firstly I had to move country and overcome the cultural clash that it involves. Leaving all my family and friends was the hardest part as I didn't know anyone in the UK. The decision to leave my business wasn't easy either, but I knew that all my effort would be rewarded.

How did you finance your degree and do you feel you have received a return on investment?

I had to enrol in a long and complex process to obtain a scholarship from the Mexican government to cover my living fees and a student loan from a non-profit private foundation to pay my tuition fees. Plus using my own savings and financial support from my parents. It was not easy to accept a loan but it's definitely been worth it: The MBA has raised my professional profile and helped me to obtain a job in the UK which is very hard to get for international candidates due to the visa process. The MBA is paying off and I'm very satisfied with what I've achieved so far. I wouldn't have obtained this job if I hadn't done the MBA.

The admissions process can be quite a daunting experience. What would be your top tip for candidates to excel in the admissions process of this degree? 

Be 100% sure that it is what you want, visualize how the MBA will help you to achieve your goals and make a five-year plan. Once you're certain this is right for you, do it! Make sure your personal statement reflects how your relevant work experience and your career objectives match with the MBA program that you're applying for.

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